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   GMINA SKARSZEWY, Plac Gen. J. Hallera 18,  83-250 SKARSZEWY,

woj. pomorskie, pow. starogardzki
tel. 58 588 22 01, 58 588 22 02, 58 588 24 03, fax. 58 588 26 51 e-mail: Ten adres e-mail jest ukrywany przed spamerami, włącz obsługę JavaScript w przeglądarce, by go zobaczyć
NIP: 592-20-56-164, Regon: 191675741

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The municipal-rural Community of Skarszewy is inhabited by 14,028 people, including 6,911 in Skarszewy town and 7,117 in 19 groups of villages (data on December 31, 2008).
Due to topographic features, Skarszewy Community is one of the most beautiful in this part of Kociewie Region. The areas surrounding the town are an example of picturesque landscape. The beauty of this land is stressed by the meandering Wietcisa River, which is the biggest tributary of the Wierzyca River.
In spite of its unquestionable tourist advantages and location near the Tri-City, Skarszewy has not been fully discovered by tourists yet, therefore the community’s local government makes use of eyery opportunity to promote the Land of Skarszewy.
Skarszewy is a community attractive to investors owing to its location - 13km away from Starogard Gdański - with a Special Economic Zone, 45km - from Gdańsk, 19km from Tczew and 35km from Kościerzyna.

In the pre-state period, the main centre of Wierzyczanie tribe - Gnosna settlement (Panina Góra Hill) existed in the vicinity of Skarszewy

  • 1320 - Skarszewy gained civic rights
  • 1370 - Knights of St John of Jerusalem sold Skarszewy to the Teutonic Knights
  • 1472 - Skarszewy was the seat of king’s prefect
  • 1613 - 1772 - Skarszewy was the seat of Pomeranian voivodes, Borough and Landed Court
  • 1712 - The biggest fire broke out in the town
  • January 30, 1920 - General Haller’s „Blue Army” marched into Skarszewy finishing the 148-year period of captivity
  • September 2, 1939 - German troops seized the town
  • March 8, 1945 - Skarszewy was “liberated” by the Soviet army within the „Pomeranian Operation”
  • 1973 - Skarszewy was the economic vice-master in Poland
  • September 25, 2002 - Domestic Chamber of Economy bestowed the Fair Play Community 2002 on Skarszewy
  • December 19, 2003 - Town Office in Skarszewy received the Quality Management Certificate PN - EN ISO 9001:2001
  • 2003 - Town Office received the Certificate of Modern Management in Public Administration

  • Castle of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem from 1305 - present seat of the Communal Culture Centre in Skarszewy (the castle’s original cellars have been preserved)
  • Gothic parish Church of St Michael the Archangel from the l4 th century with preserved baroque furnishings in Skarszewy
  • Historic Exhibition Center in Skarszewy
  • wooden church in Szczodrowo from the 15th century
  • medieval street plan of the Old Town with historical tenement houses dating back to the l7 th and 18 th centuries and fragments of 14 th century stone town walls in Skarszewy
  • late-Gothic church in Obozin
  • baroque Church in Godziszewo
  • baroque Church in Pogódki of St Peter and St Paul the Apostles
  • post-Protestant Church of St Maximilian from the l9 th century in Skarszewy
  • park-manoral complexes in Bolesławowo, Bączek, Mirowo and Nowy Wiec
  • Region of Lake Borówno Wielkie, guarded swimming area on season, camping houses, parking, boat and kayak rental, many places to eat – very close to Skarszewy Town
  • Region of Lake Godziszewskie - the biggest in the community (169 ha, maximum depth 17 m). There are two swimming areas: one from the side of Demlin (professional catering and two volleyball fields on the beach) and the other one in Godziszewo village (guarded swimming area on weekends)
  • Agricultural Education Ecological Path in the area of the Group of Schools of Agriculture attached to the Practical Education Centre in Bolestawowo. The path has been established for students, teachers, and for all people, for whom in-depth familiarisation with their living environment and eating ecologically - clean food are ones of the most important issues of life
  • Panina Góra Hill 182.2 m above sea level - one of the highest viewpoints in Kociewie.
  • water power plant in Czamocińskie Piece from 1906 - in the Zone of the Protected Wierzyca River Valley Landscape. Beautiful flood waters of the Wierzyca are a natural home to waterfowl, fish and other animals (deer). A kilometre away in the direction opposite to the course of the river, there is a gap of the Wierzyca - the river flows through a gorge with steep, 40-m high slopes

In the community area, there are two signposted tourist trails
• Skarszewski Green Tourist Trail, Sopot - Skarszewy, 80,7 km, leading through the beautiful Zone of the Protected Wietcisa River Valley Landscape (viewpoint on Panina Góra hill)
• Kociewie Lakes Tourist Trail - red trail - Skarszewy – Starogard Gdański, 36,2 km (8km within the community). The trail runs in a bewitching woody terrain of glacial lakes separated by morainal hills. It leads through: Skarszewy, Wietcisa River Valley, Lake Borówno Wielkie, Lake Borówno Małe, Lake Rokitki, Lake Mergiel Duży, Obozin and Szpęgawsk.

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